Established in 2018, The Spliffset Brand was created to push positive images and messages through clothing. This Partnership began with pursuing our dreams of making music and turned us into entrepreneurs. We offer many different products for men, women and soon to be children. Grow With Us. Spliff Entertainment was Founded by Jerome Etheridge and Derrick Echevarria (DJ). Funded by their own hard work, and Everything they created was in-house. Rome is coming out of Staten Island and DJ born in raised in Brooklyn, New York. They came together to create a family business bigger than them.
The Original “Smoking TV” logo was created by Jerome, influenced by the attention he often attracts. The “Smokeless TV” logo was later created by DJ to expand our business to kids and those who don’t smoke but support.
Together we are looking forward to changing the world. One Spliff at a time.

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